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7 Ways to Become an Exceptional Leader

Updated: Mar 18

Leaders are important and can bring out the best in an individual. KADA believes in great leaders and is willing to invest and train each leader. Below are 7 ways to become an exceptional leader.

Decision Making

1. The very first quality that is essential for leadership is that they can, at the end of the day, make the call – whether it be right or wrong.

Know Yourself

2. Exceptional leaders are always striving to understand themselves, to grasp their weaknesses and to utilize their strengths.

Communicate Well

3. Communication is two separate abilities that, though interlaced, aren’t necessarily the same thing. They are:

  • The ability to listen.

  • The ability to explain.

Have A Destination

4. A great leader can’t be reactive. They have to be proactive. They have to have long-term goals, and these goals have to be inspirational.

Accept Blame

5. When things go wrong, an exceptional leader accepts responsibility – even if it isn’t really their fault. In this way, they shield those below them from the wrath from up high.

Give Credit Where It's Due

6. When things are done well, the leader doesn’t say "look how well I did." They say, "look how well we worked together." This means giving credit to the people that have done well, both within the team and higher up the ladder.

Infectious Passion

7. Passion is an important quality in a leader, but it alone is not enough. It has to be a passion that can infect others so that they too become driven to reach the ambitions and the goals of the leader.

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